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DETAILS: Javelina Hunts are conducted on a 14,000 acre private ranch in West Texas.

INCLUDED: Semi-guided, 2 day hunt, and lodging.


NOT INCLUDED: Gratuities, meals.


HUNT FEE: $750.00




Burton's Hunting Service is the perfect place to hunt Javelina (also known as the Collared Peccary). Often misstaken for wild pigs, the Javelina are actually a totally different species. Javelina are smaller than wild pigs and have razor sharp teeth rather than tusks. Javelina are herd animals that travel in large groups and can cover quite a bit of ground.

Hunters can choose to hunt Javelina from a blind or spot and stalk method. Javelina do not have the best eye sight which makes them the perfect animal to spot and stalk, assuming you can keep the wind in your favor!

Javelina hunts are also great to add to an Elk, Aoudad or Mule Deer hunt to get the most out of your Burton's Hunting Service experience!

If you're interested in an action packed hunt at an affordable price, then you can't go wrong with a Burton's Hunting Service Javelina Hunt!

All hunts are booked in advance. Most of our hunts require a 50% non-refundable deposit.  All hunts are non-refundable, unless hunter can be replaced at full price.  If cancellation occurs it is up to the hunter to find his or her replacement.  Hunt prices do not include Texas hunting license.

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